About Us


So you probably clicked over here because you want to know more about us (whoever that is), but mostly because you have no idea what a life wife is. What the fresh hell is a life wife?!

You've heard of a "work wife." That sort of right-hand gal that's always got your back at the super lame job you both somehow ended up at despite the fact that neither of you are lame. You're both actually really cool and fun and not only do you like the same bands and bars and clothes, you look out for each other. Like last week when her grandma got jumped in her own backyard so you cook her a jalapeño popper grilled cheese (yeah, that's a real thing). Or like the week before that, when the guy you're low-key seeing bails on you, so she draws you a picture of him getting eaten by a shark. You know, normal stuff.

Except like, what if instead of losing this amazing, supportive, cool-as-all-heck girl when you quit this dumb job to focus on your art, she somehow stayed in your life? And cut to another five, ten, twenty, eighty-thousand years later, she's still in your life. You grow together, you love each other, and want to preserve that crazy, weird, farty forever love and all the things you say to each other. 

Life Wife is committed to recognizing that special bond you have with your work-wife-turned-life-wife, or just that friend you have that is so so special and you have to make sure they know. Why? Because that's who we are. And we know we're not alone.

So enjoy this project and please, reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or a good story about your longtime best-friend-partner person.

xx Annie and Vicky

Life Wife Press is closed for business as of March 2021. We hope to resume in the future. Thanks for all your support!

photo taken by Hollis Johnson 2018